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That’s why we offer customization on all our programs and services. With us, it’s never one size fits all! It starts with a team- your team that cares and properly selected equipment manufacturers and a passion to innovate and always improves.

If you’re new to ATMs, we’re happy to help. Call us with your questions – there’s no obligation to work with us!

We want your company to have the right program for your needs, no matter what.

  • Dynamic cloud based managed advertising system.
  • Ads delivered, in varying lengths, through Kiosk network based on facial scan criteria and geographic and other metrics. Fully customisable and instant.
  • Ads can also be delivered in appruv mobile app based on search history.
  • Next generation ad delivery on 21 inch touch screen in high volume interactive, customer engaged locations
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We are specialists. We deal with clients one to one because we are ATM geeks, experts at what we do, able to respond to any questions quickly and efficiently; give us a call and talk to one of us – from sales to technicians. We’ll guide you through the process, answer your questions and if you decide we’re the ATM provider for you, set you up with the best option for your business.