NewsRAPIDCASH ATM launches repay tips

RAPIDCASH ATM launches repay tips

Edmonton, AB (September 8th, 2023) –

RapidCash ATM Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of rePAY TIPS.  A purpose-built application designed and created by our software development team to securely, efficiently pay employee tips in compliance with various payroll regulations.

"RapidCash ATM has developed an intuitive, cloud-based database that enables businesses to conveniently manage employee wallet balances globally. With ongoing development, this innovative product is set to revolutionize the hospitality industry by introducing efficient tip payout solutions. We are enthusiastic about expanding the platform's capabilities to benefit other businesses in the hospitality sector”
Kyle Bilodeau
VP Technology

Kyle adds, “Our client would spend countless hours managing tips on a weekly basis. The process for payout was laborious and monotonous, but necessary to comply with federal tax regulations. rePAY TIPS was created to simplify the management of cash tip money for businesses with numerous employees. rePAY TIPS offers a digital solution that streamlines the distribution of tips, making it easier for businesses to handle, while ensuring employees receive their hard-earned tip money in cash.”

The rePAY application has been installed and now live at our first location. This application is hyper scalable and new features will be added shortly. Employees want to be paid their tips in cash, rePAY offers the rePAYment of tips in cash or through a digital wallet.

For more information on rePAY or more about RapidCash ATM, please visit or call1-855-820-2274.

About Rapidcash ATM:

Founded in 2000, RapidCash ATM Ltd (RCAL) has grown to become one of the largest independently owned ATM networks operating throughout much of Canada, with well over 1500 operating ATMs/kiosks in a variety of industries and retail settings processing over 13 million transactions annually. With multiple offices throughout Canada, factory trained

technicians, a fleet of armored vehicles, a software development team, a unique switching platform and a multiple custom designed ATM applications, RCAL has positioned itself to become the preeminent cash solutions provider from enterprise to retail and to be at the forefront of payment innovations and applications in the ATM/fintech industry.

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