April 11, 2019 rapidcash

Every ATM location knows how key it is to have an ATM functioning with optimal
performance and maximum uptime. That is why regular maintenance is so important; it
helps avoid unhappy customers, poor publicity, and loss of income.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

1) Keep your ATM Clean – Dirt and grease can accumulate causing lack of
responsiveness and downtime.

Cleaning the Cassette

a. Remove the Cassette from the ATM and open it
b. Remove all currency from the Cassette
c. Use the Air Duster to blow out the Cassette Rollers
d. Spray Rubber Rejuvenator onto the Microfiber Cloth
e. Wipe the rubber pickers with the Microfiber Cloth until all grime is removed
f. Gently pat the rubber pickers with a dry portion of the Microfiber Cloth
g. Add the currency back to the Cassette

Cleaning the Dispenser

a. Turn the ATM OFF
b. Unlock the thumb screw underneath the dispenser tray
c. Remove the Cassette
d. Pull the dispenser towards you
e. Use the Air Duster clean the dispenser, focusing on all the sensors
f. Push the dispenser back in the ATM

Cleaning the Power Supply

a. Use the Air Duster to blow out the Power Supply

Cleaning the Card Reader

a. Turn the ATM OFF
b. Remove a Card Reader Cleaner from its packaging
c. Gently insert and remove the Card Reader Cleaner 5 times
d. Turn the ATM ON

UpTime is key.

2) Clear Jams – Make sure to avoid torn/taped bills when sorting the currency you are loading. Clean, crisp bills will help avoid jams.

3) Keep it Loaded – Why wait for the ATM Alert? Always ensure your ATM is loaded to help avoid frustrated customers, and maximize your bottom line. Who doesn’t want that!