December 24, 2020 rapidcash

December 2020 – RapidCash ATM(RCAL) is pleased to announce the launch of appruv at seven bricks and mortar locations throughout Alberta

A financial ecosystem for Canadians on various rungs of the financial ladder, appruv provides a host of financial services on contactless kiosks/ATMs at high volume bricks and mortar locations allowing end users to conduct transactions in a variety of payment methods but always including cash.

appruv currently hosts custom designed applications by RapidCash ATM and partners we have worked together with to deliver financial services to Canadians on their time and their terms delivered on a large 21 inch touch screen.

appruv is the convergence of bricks and mortar and digital reducing frictions on everyday financial transactions with the soon to launch appruv mobile wallet.

RapidCash ATM has filed various patent applications in protection of custom applications.  This is the first of its kind and North America.

appruv has launched with ATM functionality, the ability to apply for and obtain a micro loan in under four minutes, the ability to purchase a variety of crypto currencies and a prepaid card program.

“As we roll out appruv across Canada, end users will appreciate the convenience and ease of use and retailers will appreciate the extra revenue and increased foot traffic to their location” reported Bill Eaton, President of RapidCash ATM.

Additional applications are in various stages of development and will launch throughout 2021.

RCAL has sourced Genmega, a company built on a tradition of quality and service, to deliver multi peripheral kiosks.

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About RapidCash ATM

Founded in 2000, RapidCash ATM Ltd (RCAL) has grown to become one of the largest independently owned ATM networks operating throughout much of Canada, with well over 1000 operating ATMs/kiosks in a variety of industries and retail settings processing over 10 million transactions annually. With multiple offices throughout Canada, factory trained technicians, a fleet of armored vehicles, a software development team, a unique switching platform and a number of custom designed ATM/kiosk applications, RCAL has positioned itself to become the preeminent cash solutions provider from enterprise to retail and to be at the forefront of payment innovations and applications in the ATM/fintech industry