Fact: Millenials are using cash instead of credit cards


RapidCash ATM is pleased to announce that a through due diligence investigation by the British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch(GPED) has been completed and all requirements of the Gaming Control Act(GCA) have been satisfied.  RCAL is now registered as an OTHER GAMING SERVICES PROVIDOR (Automated Banking Services) in the Province of British Columbia.  We look forward working with casinos in the Province and providing our cutting edge solutions.  Give us a call to discuss your unique needs.


RCAL is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a long term agreement to provide ATMs, processing and services to Chances Casino in Terrace, British Columbia.  “Having just completed and satisfied  the due diligence process as an  ATM BANKING SERVICES PROVIDOR we are thrilled to announce this long term partnership.  This is an area that will continue to see increased migration  because of the LNG projects, we look to continue to grow in this region”’, reports Bill Eaton, President of RapidCash ATM Ltd.  At RapidCash,  we are ready to help you – give us a call.

Procura Real Estate selects RapidCash ATM

November 2017- RapidCash ATM is pleased to announce that Procura Real Estate has chosen RapidCash ATM as their ATM provider at their commercial/residential buildings. By focusing on our clients needs we continue to be selected by quality organisations like Procura. For further info on Procura please visit their website at; we are proud to support their charity imitative through our ATM program, please visit for further information. Whatever your needs, we have an innovative, cost effective ATM solution for you.

RapidCash forklift sports company colours

October 2017- Even the forklift in our head office proudly wears Company colours. Our colours are synonymous with delivering the best customer service possible. We ALL work work together to deliver on this, give us a call and you will quickly see why. Continuing to grow because we listen to what our customers want and need. Looking to make a change? Have unanswered questions with your current ATM company? Have an odd or unique situation? Call us, we would love to listen.

RapidCash acquires Alberta ATM company

September 2017-RapidCash ATM acquires the assets/contracts of an Alberta based ATM operator. With just under 50 live locations we are excited to welcome all DR Cash clients to our family. All migrations and equipment swap-outs/branding will take place by October 1, 2017. Thinking of selling your portfolio? We are all ears.

Happy 50th birthday to the ATM​

July 27, 2017. The first ATM – then more broadly known as an automatic cash-dispensing machine or “robot cashier” – was installed June 27, 1967, at a Barclays bank branch in the London suburb of Enfield, where a blue plaque marks the historic spot.
Today, that Adam of the ATM from 50 years ago has lots of descendants. Across the world, the ATM family had about 3.2 million members at the end of 2015, according to Retail Banking Research, a consulting and research firm. Of those, about 434,000 were in the U.S., which has more ATMs per capita than any country.
Collectively, the worldwide family of ATMs has revolutionized banking, giving us around-the-clock access to money via ATM, debit and credit cards without interacting with a human.
The ATM, like RapidCash ATM, was here yesterday, working hard today and will continue to innovate and deliver reliable service tomorrow. Call us, let us explain all the features that you may not know as being available to you.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada

July 1- RapidCash ATM wishes you and your family a safe and Happy Canada Day. We are so very lucky to be part of this Country. During this day, we will have countless ATMs working hard at special events across the Canada so Canadians can participate in their favourite festivity